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Grapevine White Bass Fishing is Fun and Tasty

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I love fishing Lake Grapevine and finding all the grapevine fishing spots but then again, I love fishing anywhere! But fishing the white bass in the lake are fun and scrappy fighters. And they are very tasty! On any day, we love catching a nice stringer and then cooking them the same day. The Spring fishing season is one of my favorite seasons, especially right after the white Bass have spawned. It is a magical time when White Bass are ready to feed and the bait fish they feed on are everywhere.

The gulls fly over the massive schools of Threadfin Shad the and white fist Bass push to the surface and dive into the water. This gives anglers a huge tell tale sign that fish can be caught. Our favorite baits to throw into the melee are swim baits, approximately 3’ long and a 1/4 to 3/8 ounce jig head. It isn’t uncommon for our fishing clients to catch a 50 to 100 fish limit in a four hour trip. Come on out to one of Grapevine lake’s fishing spots with Luck O’ the Irish.

We are the only “Luck” you’ll ever need!