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It was a perfect event for me. Great weather, caught lots of fish, got lots of fishing tips, Omar is the perfect host. Rated "G" for GEE I had a wonderful time! Ate some of my fish the next day and let me tell you fresh fish taste the best! Try Luck of the Irish as soon as you can. You won't be sorry! Thanks Omar!

Steven Myrick

My friend Omar has been running one of the best fishing guide services on Lake Grapevine as well as several of the other area lakes. He's been doing this for more years than I care to count and I'm here to tell people that you won't have a better time or fish with any one more knowledgable than Omar Cotter, owner of Luck O The Irish Fishing Guide Service.

Just two days ago he had time to take myself and a couple other friends out on Grapevine and within 2 hrs we had boated our limit of 100 white bass as well as a bonus crappie and a catfish. I don't really call it fishing when you go with Omar. I call it catching. You want to show your friends or business associates a great time, book a trip with Omar at Luck O The Irish. You won't go wrong.

Rick Tuttle


We had an incredible time! Rain delay and cold couldn't stop the joy. Love the memories made.
LOVED the ride on the boat through the windy swells!! The jumping of the boat was so much fun. You know how adults hold babies in the air and twist them back and forth and the babies giggle?? Well, I felt the same way and laughed just as hard!!!
Priceless memories made with my guys!
Thank you Omar!!

Everyone needs to go on a fishing trip with Omar. You won't regret it!!

What? You don't like to fish? Go with him and I am willing to bet you will change your mind!

I want to thank you for helping to create a memory. We did more than fish. We had a time to remember. Big fish, big waves and big boys that are becoming men. You helped make all that possible. And for that, I thank you.
Now, my daughter wants to come and my grandson-in-law wants to fish also.
We will see what happens.
Thanks so much.

David E.
I don’t know how to put into words how much my group enjoyed themselves while fishing with you and Don.  You are two of the most gracious and patient fishing guides I’ve ever dealt with.  My group from Parras de la Fuente, Mexico made some memories that are sure to last a lifetime.  Thank you for being a big part in making their memories possible. 
Ray R.
I wanted to again thank you for Friday's trip. My father in law, son, and I all had a very, VERY great time together. You were a great guide and we will always refer you as we can. I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for the cap you gave my son. He has worn it most of the time since our trip.

You realize that you are in the memory making business and Friday you definitely gave all 3 of us memories that will last the rest of our lives.

Eric Green
Hey Don!
Just thought I'd let you know that we have had a couple reviews mention Luck-O'-The-Irish and spread the word! Here is the latest bit that was said specifically about ya'll.
"We hired a fishing guide service to take the boys fishing and they picked us up right at the dock near our campsite (Luck O' the Irish Fishing Guide Service - we caught SO MANY sand bass - the boys were thrilled and we had fish to eat for months :-)"
Thanks for catering to our guests!
Adrienne Nicodemus
Special Events/Aquatics
City of Grapevine
Parks and Recreation
Omar, yesterday you ask'd the Lord to give us fish and your prayer was granted.
My family had a wonderful time fishing with Omar. I took my older father, partner and two young boys out with Omar on a 'crack of dawn' fishing trip. It started with a bunch of sluggishness and moaning, but by the time we got out in the water and got our lines wet, the moaning turned to a bunch of delightful squeals. We caught one fish after another. I swear it seemed everytime we put our poles in the water we were bringing up fish before we could exhale. We kept poor Omar very, very busy; but he kept a smile on his face and cheered us on. Omar was very knowledgeable and extremely patient with our young boys. That day we caught mo re fish in a matter of an hour (our FULL limit of 125) than we had caught in a lifetime of fishing. We were all riding on sunshine back to shore where our fish cooler was so full and heavy it took 3 of us to move it.

The picture is not even half of what went into that cooler. Omar suprised us again by cleaning  and packing everyone of those fish for us. It took him 2.5 hours to finish that immense job. The whole time he smiled, chatted and was very enthusiastic. I was very impressed with not only his immeasureable skills as a fishing guide, but his wonderful personal skills. We went home, all 5 of us, smiling and exhausted. We can not wait to book with Omar again. Even if the fishing is slow, we would learn a lot and be amongst friends. The boys still frequently talk about him and their awesome fishing adventure.

Thanks Omar, for everything.
Misti, Julie, Steve, Parker and Phoenix.
Omar - Fantastic day today!  We were really slaying them out there.  Thanks for the trip.  Looking forward to doing it again soon.

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Thanks again,
Omar took three of us out on Grapevine Lake for a great morning of White Bass fishing.  Omar was very personable and went out of his way to make sure we had a quality experience.  This is a first class guide service.  The boat and gear were in excellent condition and Omar definitely knew the lake.  In less than 5 hours of fishing time, we caught and released over 250 White Bass.

Tad G.
How many times have you talked with a guide who guarantees they will “put you on fish?”  You ought to spend your money with someone whose actions speak louder than words.  I have wasted my money with other guides at the same lake and would have done better shopping for fish at the local grocery store!  Omar knows so many different spots in all the area lakes.  He fishes constantly, so he knows what fish you’ll find for what conditions are on each lake.
 More so than the knowledge of finding fish; Omar makes memories.  I now share great memories with my cousin because Omar learned his craft so well.
He might call it Luck O’ the Irish, but it really is his skill.  You are wasting your money anywhere else!

Delane S.
"I would definitely recommend going out with Omar, my wife was a little  uncomfortable with casting/setting the hook/feeling bites beforehand but  within 30 minutes she was outcatching us all thanks to Omar's  instructions! I have heard how great the trip was every day since then.  Still can't believe we caught buffalo, sandbass, LMB, crappie and  catfish all within 4 hours.

We learned new techniques that got us  over 30 fish two days later in 20mph winds with a dead backup battery  which meant NO trolling motor or electronics so we REALLY had to rely on  what Omar taught us.

Truely worthwhile, and alredy planning on going back out for some crappie lessons with Luck O the Irish!

If you want someone to have fun with, learn from and fill a fish bo x don't look any further!"

See the catch!
Chris & Emily L.
Here are the pics form the great fishing experience the other day. The boys and all of us had a great time.  It will be memories to last a life time. We look forward to going again in the future. >>See the catch!

Thanks for everything.
Greg Tart
Omar & Don, Jan and I had a great Morning with you guys !

Thanks so much! We Learned alot about Grapevine Lake and the fishing was awesome! We went back and did it again Saturday to reinforce all we had learned  & before it got too windy" and we had limits again! needless to say. We learned alot! Simply awesome  !

Thank You So Much !
Again, let me tell you how much we enjoyed our fishing trip with you this week.  It couldn't have turned out any better.  You really impressed the kids.
It will be a story they can share for a life time.  In thirty or so years I can hear it now, "we caught a whale in this lake down in Texas".

It was a great experience for everyone.

Thanks for another memory. Knowing you has blessed my life, as well as the life of my family. God has blessed you and us by knowing you. Take care my friend. Til next time....

JD Bost
I just wanted to get back with you and let you know how pleased Kenny and I were with our Cedar Creek Lake last Saturday Dec. the 11th.  We wanted the opportunity to learn about some of the northern Texas lakes and maybe catch a few fish.  Wow, we really got both of those things fulfilled.  We also cooked all of the fillets and everyone enjoyed them just as you indicated they would.  We are already trying to get a date for early in March to repeat our success.

Thank you again for a great day and see you soon!

Jim Estle
Vermilion, OH
Thanks for the great day fishing. Nothing like seeing a buddy hook into his first reel screaming hybrid! We greatly appreciate all the hard work, know-how, and most of all- the great fish. I have fished with many different outfitters over the years, and you are truely one of the best and most enjoyable guides I've met. We will definitely be hitting you up again for another trip in the future. Attached are the pics we got, some good
Feel free to use them as you want.

Joey Dean
I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I can see everything else. – C.S. Lewis
Thanks again for such an awesome time at Cedar Creek Lake. My brother Zach and I had been looking forward to the fishing trip and we didn't know if it would be as good as striper fishing, but it was better. Thank You so much for taking your time with us and showing us how to catch the fish. We caught over 50 sand bass, 9 Hybrid stripers, and 1 Blue Catfish. You are an excellent guide and what makes you better is that you are serving as a guide under God. May God bless you and may he keep on increasing your business as you keep on using your gift from God to be a fishing guide and an excellent one at that. We plan to come next summer of 2009. Talk to you later.
Eli Hunt
(DeKalb, Texas)
Omar - Just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome trip on Grapevine Lake...We all had a blast (especially Seth)...Seth couldn't stop braggin' about the biggest catch of the day

My wife had her first batch of sand bass last night that I cooked on the stove...What a great tasting fish!!!

Here are some pics of the trip...Thanks again and we look forward to many more adventurous trips with ya bud...

Ben, Kelli, and Seth Maikell
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Thanks for the terrific day of fishing at Cedar Creek. My brother-in-law, Steve, flew down from Seattle just to spend the weekend fishing in Texas. You certainly impressed both of us with your knowledge of the lake and your ability to put us on the fish.  This trip is the only time I have caught hybrid stripers, white bass, yellow bass, and largemouth all on the same day.  We finished the day tired from reeling in our catches and happy to have a cooler full of filets to take home. Keep the same date open for us next year--we'll definitely be back.


Thanks for a SUPER day on the water. Lots of fish, fast and furious! It's entertaining watching the guide net three fish at once! Yep Leprechaun was a busy Little feller.

Give Omar a call, they will get you on the fish....

Ronnie Davis
The trip was excellent! Omar was the perfect guide for two moms and their children. He was helpful but let the kids catch the fish by themselves. The trip was just the right amount of time, not too long, not too short. We caught so many fish that the kids might start griping about eating fish so often but I think they will get over it and start begging to go fishing with Omar again.

Jamie Cummings
My family hit Tawakoni Sunday afternoon with Omar and we had an incredible time. This trip was mostly for my 12 yr old son who chose a guided trip over a party for his birthday. Omar was incredible, having patience for the three of us who had never fished off of a boat before. Every spot Omar took us to was loaded with sandies. It didn't take long for each of us to hit the limit. At times, everyone was catching a fish at the same time.

My son has always wanted to catch a fish big enough to take home to eat and he caught a 20" hybrid that wore him out. I will never forget the smile and pride he showed holding that bass. The trip was more than what we had hoped for. Omar is as good of a teacher as he is a guide and I recommend him to all. My wife has said that it felt like we were fishing with a friend instead of a hired guide. Thanks again Omar.

Marty Alig
Omar is 'Da Man'!
I am the Scoutmaster that Omar took on this trip. It was AWESOME! Some of these boys had never caught a fish before! (Now they will be spoiled for life)

Omar was GREAT! He met us at the dock and worked hard all day to get these boys on fish.(he actually made it look easy, but I know he worked at it). He was an instant friend to me and the boys and someone I will recommend to everyone.

I really enjoyed the trip and look forward to the next time! (I have already been asked, 'When are we going back to fish with Omar?)

Thanks Omar!!!

Larry Welch
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Hi Omar,

We sure had a good time today. Thanks again for the great experience. We will definetly do it again.

The Gumbo was terrific! Tom, who doesn't like fish, loved it.

Take Care,
Pam Guerrero

Click here for the shots
Don provided a great experence for us last Friday. My crew had a great time. Here are a couple of pictures.

Thanks ,
Tom DeRossett
Hi Don, You were a super guide on our fishing trip this week. We appreciate your patience and helping us make a very good catch of white bass. Attached are a couple of pictures from our trip.

Kirt and Donna

Click here for the shots
When I got back to the hotel and as people were asking me about the trip, I started handing out your cards. I showed them pictures from my camera and they were floored!!! I told my Regional VP and I sure on the next trip to Dallas for our Mgr. meeting, you'll get some business.

We had a great time with you!!! You put us on fish. Lots of fish!!! That's what we were looking for!!! I've fished with probably over 15 professional guides since the last 20 years but your expertise along with your great personality put you at one of the top guides that I've ever fished with. Your one-liners were great! Even though the weather was not the best and it was your birthday weekend, you took your time with us and didn't rush us at all.

Take Care!!

Glenn Schaeffer / Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed, Inc.

Check out pictures of the trip!
Hey Omar,
That sounds like a heck of a fishing trip. I hope the fish stories get even better. I think those 3 guys were just really good fisher persons. Of course I am a little biased since I was one of the 3.

I had a really great day and just wanted to say thanks again for a great day.I'll try and get back to Texas and we'll do it again. I know we can do even better with a guide as pleasant and knowledgeable as you.

I have been fishing with guides for over 20 years (about 2-times a year) and can say that I have never had a more enjoyable trip. My two fishing buddies, Frank and Darren also expressed their appreciation for a great day. Not only was the comradery good but to make it even better, the fishing was great! Your techniques on "chumming-up" the fish worked like a charm (lucky charm, that is since you're Irish!)

The overall quality of the fish (2 lbs. to 9 lbs. was the best average I had had in several years. Our ""keeper" (21 fish, helped to replenish my previously empty freezer. By the way, thanks also for the casting net instruction. I was able to use the technique you taught me the next day with a bucket full of shad on the third cast! Thanks for all the great tips you were willing to share, also. All-in-all a great day of fishing and fun!

Terry Minke
Argyle, TX
"Omar, Thanks for the great trip, with information learned fishing with you, the boys and I have been able to return and fish with great success several times. Thank you very much for the most successful fishing day this old man ever had."

Danny Coggins
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed myself on our recent trip !!! ( I'm sure you already know but I just want to be emphatic about it ! ) You are a blast to be in a boat with, as a matter of fact I felt like I was fishing with an old friends.

I was impressed by your ability to locate and boat fish in such crappy conditions, I truly did not expect to catch anything other than a cold ! As soon as I can get back down your way ( possibly in October, not sure though ) I would like to go on another trip, hopefully under much better conditions !

All I can say is I had a freakin blast and look forward to fishing with you again !!!

I'll be in touch with ya'll !
"I just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thanks !". I don't think the day could have been any better, though James still says one thing was missing, his big striper. The weather was great and the fish were biting, not much more we could want. I have a memory of time with my boys I don't think I will ever forget, and they have told their friends all about it since we got home. Robert wanted me to take him fishing the next day. He has the fishing bug really bad now."

James Montoya, James, and Robert

PS "By the way, we had one of the striper filets for dinner last night. Cooked it up on the grill the way you suggested and it was great. Two more are going on tonight !"
Fished Cedar Creek today (12-14-02) with my friend Omar Cotter and my 14 year old son Jeremy.
I could bore you with words like Stupendious and Magnificient but as you see I would only Mis-spell them. But I will share with you that on the drive home, Jeremy asked me If I thought Omar would still be a guide when He was 40. When I asked why, he said that he would like to hire him to take him and his son out so they could share a memory like he and I did. What else can I say??
200 sandies with several over 15",
• a 2#+ crappie,
• a hybrid on light tackle,
• and a 6# blue cat while cleaning the days catch,
• $250.00
A Memory that willl transend time. Priceless!!!

Who remembers what they got for their 14th Christmas?? Jeremy will remember this trip long after I am dead and gone. What is the price of mortality?????
Its about $250.00, if you know a Leprechaun, and he will show you his pot of gold. I spent the day at the end of the Rainbow. Where did you spend yours??????
My thanks to Omar for a great day fishing. He is a fine guide and a great guy. Best day fishing I can remember. I will let my sons English paper speak to how he enjoyed the day....

A beautiful morning, the dial read 68 degrees,
The sun barley visible as it topped distant trees.
We set out across the lake, the waves in slight chop,
Our pulses were racing, the adrenaline wouldn’t stop.
Through binoculars we searched, for the sea gulls in flight,
But to our disappointed eyes, there were no birds in sight.
When on open water we stopped, and we do not know why,
Then after a minuet or two, “Fish on was the cry”.
From spot to spot, we move and we seek,
A fish box to fill, a limit to meet.
The hum of the four stroke, as we eased past a stump
As we watched on the sonar for the rise of the Hump.
As the lure settled down, in our hands rod and reel,
Our senses all focused for the bump that we feel.
Feel the slab down, and when the line goes slack
Raise the tip of the rod, feel the fish on impact.
Your line drag will scream, your rod tip will pull,
By the end of the day, the fish box was full.
The weather was warm, the fishing was hotter,
Thanks to the knowledge and skill, of our friend, Omar Cotter.

by Josh Bost
edited by Dad

Thanks again to Omar, we'll do it again soon
What a day! It was the best freshwater fishing trip either of us has ever had. It wasn't a fishing trip, it was a catching trip. I would say we caught an estimate of 150#s of fish saturday. I would like to thank our guide, Omar the deckhand, for putting us on the fish, having the right tackle, and for getting the hell out of the way. I would highly recommend the Luck of the Irish guide service to anyone looking for a good day of fishing. Omar was not only a good guide, but an extremely nice guy who did everything possible to make a pleasant day for us. He shared information, tackle, and helped rig tackle for our next day. On the next day we went alone and caught fish using the information from Omar and caught fish again, one weighing 17#s-33"s.

Johnny Mack and Bill
"I live on Cedar Creek Lake and I would have sworn that there were no fish in the lake..... Until I went fishing with the Luck O' The Irish. Did Omar ever prove me wrong. All 3 times that I have been out with Omar we caught our limit or close to it. These are not small fish either, one time I thought I had hooked a tree stump and it turned out to be a 9 pound hybrid. I will only go fishing with the Luck o' The Irish."

Mark Kennedy / Louis Printing

Omar took me and my daughter fishing recently. I had never caught anything larger than a 4" Sunfish before that time. This man knows what he's doing. We caught more fish in an hour than I could count. Omar's enthusiasm and zeal for the sport sets him apart. Would recommend to anyone who wants to catch fish! A day of fishing with Omar was fun, exciting, and full of fish! I caught more fish that day than I had in my life. Omar is a great guy and I'd go again in a minute!!

Alan Hecko
"I never thought I could get tired of catching fish!"
Glenna Hunter
"This guy can fish! Omar puts in the time and effort to put you on fish."
S. Salameh
"My son's first fishing trip was one he still talks about." T. Nolan
"The entire experience is excellent, from the expertise and effort of the guide to the quantity and quality of the fish." G. Brittain
"I have gone out fishing with Luck O the Irish several times. We always come back with a good catch. Sometimes I almost feel embarrassed that we had so well, while others coming in lament that they "didn't catch any" or "fishing wasn't good today."
Heard from a passing boat by 3 of my customers.
"They're catching them hand over fist!"
"Thanks again for the trip! We had so much fun. Jason bought a fish fryer yesterday! He is ready to go again! Thank you for such a great fishing trip and my first time to fish in a boat." Jason & Angela Elwood
You have a new best friend!!!!! I promise you, a day does not go by since our fishing trip that Jason's is whining, I want to go fishing with Omar. As a joke he wrote on our calendar fishing with Omar everyday of the month.
I think he and his friend Gary are planning to talk with you about a Sept fishing trip to Cedar Creek like you were telling us about.
He is so ready to go again. He fished the banks at Lake Arlington last night and brought home 5 really good sized Croppie. He even bought a fish fryer.
He also asked when he is getting his shirt? I truly think you have made a friend. - Angela
"After one trip with Omar, my eight year old daughter is always anxious to go fishing, even at 4:00 a.m."

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