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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Grapevine, December 16, 2006

P.M Trip: I had a couple from Dallas for the afternoon and it was almost a carbon copy of the morning as far as the fishing went. Teri and Bob were a lot of fun to fish with and both were very interested in learning everything I could teach them. I showed them both what I looked for on my graph and how to tell when birds are really working and when they are just flying around.

We went back to the same creek channel we had done so well at in the morning and caught only one fish. I moved us tot the mouths of other coves without any luck there either so I took us back where we started hoping the fish may have turned on. They hadn’t! Fished al little while longer there and then I thought about all the fish I had marked at Rock Ledge. I took us over there in the wind and had no more than anchored on position when schools of fish started across my Garmin 240. Needless to say the last hour of the trip we caught another 20 good fish, 9 dinks and missed around 3 times that many.

The Lead Babies Pee Wee in the “Irish” special color did the trick again and the bite was very light. Sometimes the Whites would just stop the bait 3 or 4 inches form the bottom. A slow presentation was critical. The water did warm up to around 52 degrees. And we even caught a few of our fish on a Flies by Night jig above the slab.

Not a bad day for 30+ mile per hour winds.

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Omar Cotter

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