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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Grapevine, December 16, 2006

A.M Trip: This was a young man’s birthday present from Lubbock but the whole family came out to fish with him. Cody is turning 11 on Tuesday 12/19. His dad, Hector, mom Priscilla and sister Cassie all got on board around 8 am and we headed out to find some White Bass.

The first 2 hours were pretty tough and I tried all the usual spots with nothing more than a few bites to show for it. Hector kept telling me he knew I would find the fish eventually and this made me try even harder. I remembered all the shad I had marked in the mouth of Scott’s Landing and decided to try the edge of the creek channel – it did pay off!

We wound up with 19 good sized fish and missed many more fish. Cassie caught someone’s old swim trunks and lost her fish and the next thing you know I caught one that had some thread in his mouth! Too funny! Anyway it as windy but I had fun with this nice family. The slab that the fish wanted this morning was the Bass Pro XPS Tungsten Spoon and the Lead Babies Pee Wee in the “Irish” special color.

The water temp was in the upper 40’s and the water was fairly clear. Lots and lots of birds sitting on the tires and dyeing them white.

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Omar Cotter

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