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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Cedar Creek December 14, 2002

The fishing has slowed for most species on the lake except for White Bass and if you are there on the right day it can still be Summer time HOT!

The fish have moved for the most part South of the Merrimac Point and have moved deeper than they have been the past few weeks. The fish we caught were in at least 22 feet of water or deeper. Our fish were caught on the long sloping side of underwater humps and main lake points. Our best spot was the main lake hump just Northwest of Crappie Island. The hybrids so far have pulled a Houdini and are here one day and gone the next.

The White Bass we did catch were caught on Rainbo Shad Slabs in Chartreuse. The real key to catching these fish in the wintertime is to fish your baits very slowly and only raise your rod tip a foot or so off of the bottom and then lower it slowly back to the bottom. Because the fish are deeper, light line can also help you keep contact with the bait – say 10lb test or so. It is almost just as critical to have high quality rods to feel the bite because it can be so light this time of year. You also want to become a "line watcher" this time of year because the bite sometimes is just a small amount of slack put in the line - with no discernable strike at all.

If you don't catch or mark fish on a spot keep moving until you find them. Once you find active fish you can just about count on filling your limit since they don’t move much this time of year. The fish feed much less this time of year so don't get discouraged if you don't catch some right away. If you want some fish stay with it until you do feed. They will generally feed at some point and staying with it is the only way to be there when they do. The birds were no help. The seagulls we saw were sitting on their tail feathers soaking up the sun.

We easily caught our 75 fish limit of White Bass, 1 nice Hybrid, 2 Crappies and 12 good sized Yellow Bass. We caught and released another 120 fish or more.
The current lake conditions are: Water Level – Full Water Temp – 49 degrees Water is fairly clear

I will try to keep up the reports as long as I can, but at some point the fishing will become less dependable than it is now.

E-mail me if I can be of any use or help to you in anyway.

Omar Cotter

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