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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Cedar Creek October 24 - 11/25, 2002

The fishing for White Bass has been excellent! These tasty little fish are congregating on main lake points and on the tops of humps around 17 to 24 feet of water. The White Bass are being caught on small silver slabs and sassy shads fished very slowly just off the bottom. The bite when it comes is extremely light so it is very important to have very sensitive fishing rods and to use light line to maintain constant contact with the bait and to be able to visually detect the bite.

Hybrids are still being caught at night under the boat house lights with reports of good catches coming from the Clear Creek area and main lake areas. The best places are where there is some wave action. The best baits are small Li’l Fishies, and 1/8 ounce RoadRunners, with the best color being white. The lure should be cast directly into the light and then all the shadows around the dock as well. The retrieve should be in short hops just off the bottom. These fish are usually schooling during the day this time of year but they have not start as of this writing.

Black Bass are still providing good action around boat docks and isolated structure. The bait of choice again seems to be anything small that can be worked slowly. Some Black Bass are being caught at night in the same areas as the Hybrids. The bigger fish should be moving out into deeper water soon and can be caught in the same general areas as White Bass are currently being caught.

Crappies are still being caught around boat docks with at least 4 feet of water under them. The brush pile bite is very effective and the best color jig is apparently Red Head, Black Body and Chartreuse Tail. Fish very slowly just off the bottom. When fishing for White Bass these fish can sometimes be in the same area. If you feel lots of light bites and cannot hook up, change to a small jig and you’ll probably put some delicious Crappie in the live well.

Catfish are also biting well. The jug liners right now are filling their freezers for upcoming fish frys. The best bait is still cut shad. The real key I have found is to use a high quality map to find trenches and other areas these fish can use as natural “trails” or “roads”. The rod and reel fisherman are also catching good numbers of smaller fish that are just the right eating size. The catfish can be caught drifting shad over the tops of humps in 24 to 32 feet of water. The drift needs to be slow enough or your weight heavy enough to keep the baits close to the bottom.

The lake’s current conditions are: water level if 6 to 8 inches low, surface temperature is 57 to 60 degrees. The water temperature is slowly descending to the point they will be difficult to catch. All fish are cold blooded – the colder the water the slower their metabolism becomes and consequently the less that they have to eat. Just remember to fish slowly and you will be successful water your targeted species.

Omar Cotter

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