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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Lake Grapevine Sunday November 21, 2004

Well, I thought I was completely out of luck for trips this weekend after everyone had called and cancelled, but once again luck was with me!

Carl Fletcher has been waiting to take his son fishing and I did take them once in September to Richland Chambers with a poor showing at best. Eight fish after a hard day was not what I was going to leave them with for a memory. I had called him earlier in the week when my other trips had cancelled and he had originally thought better of it with the weather that was forecasted for Sunday.

To my amazement I got a call at 6:30 Sunday morning wanting to know just how fast I could have the boat in the water at Lake Grapevine. I told him to give me an hour and I’d have the boat ready and waiting. Carl also invited along his ex –wife and the mother of his son Michael that was chomping at the bit to catch some fish.

We had everyone on board by around 9am and we headed out. The first place we tried was the island area. I guess we had just missed the action because there were still a few birds and some fish in the area. After a short time with the action slowed we headed across to Murrell Park. There were lots more birds, boats and fish here! Once again we put some good fish in the box and when it got slow we moved on up to Rock Ledge Park. The graph showed lots of fish but we had no hits whatsoever. At this time lunch sounded good but just as we were getting to Scott’s Landing the birds started working just outside the no wake buoys and of course we had to try our luck. Lunch now forgotten we moved back to the island and had a little more luck there.

I was watching through my binoculars up the lake when I saw a swarm of birds working the south bank point of Meadowmere Park. We hammered down to these fish and quickly finished our 75 fish limit. Carl, Jeannie and Michael all had a blast catching these nice White Bass and had a lot of fish to take home this time.

The water is fairly clear right now with the temperature in the low 60’s. Birds are working well and the fish seem to be staying in the area fairly well as long as no one runs through them. These fish were caught primarily on a new slab I am trying from Bass Pro Shops called a Tungsten Slab. It is fairly expensive but it works great! The larger fish had some shad that were 3-4 inches long, so looking back I wish we had thrown some Sassy Shads for bigger fish. Good Luck and Happy Turkey Day!

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Omar Cotter

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