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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Lake Grapevine / Cedar Creek October 11-13, 2002

Lake Grapevine 10/11 am

I had a half day morning trip with father and son, George and Matthew Potter. There was very little wind to start and what there was, was out of the North. The fishing was extremely slow to start, but then around 8am the wind switched to the South and the schooling started big time! The fish we caught were all along the North bank on the main lake humps and in the small coves between Murrell Park and the dam. The birds were everywhere! The fish were mainly in the coves and the few times they were on the main lake it was on the top of humps and they were highly concentrated. Water temp was about 76 degrees and the water was fairly clear. All fish caught on Rainbo Shad Slabs(what else?) We caught around 80-90 fish and kept 44 good fish.

Cedar Creek 10/11pm (yes, same day as above)
I will need to buy some Li'l Fishies apparently. I fished the lighted boat docks with clients Mark and Matt. They caught 2 Largemouth and 2 small Crappie. The high South wind made it difficult, if not impossible to fish some of my best lights - oh well. They had fun and want to go again; it must have been my sparkling personality that makes them want to come back.

Cedar Creek 10/12am (4 hours sleep is great!)

I fished with my adopted dad, Bill Winfrey. Bill was a long time photographer and outdoor writer for the Dallas Morning News and he can tell you some great stories while catching fish. The wind was still high out of the South but the fishing was MUCH better. The fish are all North of the Spillway Humps and on the main lake points on the East side. We did very well with another 80-90 fish and 36 real quality Sandies in the box. The ones we kept were between 14 and 16 inches with a few bigger than that. We even caught one nice Crappie on the ta da! - Rainbo Shad Slab! Well we got tired of catching Sandies and then went into Merrimac Marina cove and caught shad, then went to the Spillway Hump and caught 6 nice Blues. No real big ones, just good eating size. The wind had calmed by the end of the day and we had a great day all in all on Cedar Creek.

Cedar Creek 10/13 pm

The wind again! The wind this time was high and out of the Northeast. I fished with another father and son, Jim and Sean Simpson. The fish were in the same locations as Saturday and were not nearly as interested in our slabs. The father, Jim,even tried fly fishing and it was a real pleasure to watch, I just wish he had caught some on a fly. We did manage to get about 20 to 25 fish and Sean caught the most and the biggest. I don't think he is going to let dad forget it anytime soon. Good for him!

I hope everyone will be sure to watch the weather this Fall and be careful out there in the wind and cold. Be safe and hope to see some of you real soon!

Omar Cotter

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