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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Lake Bridgeport, October 3, 2004

I had to fish this lake as a guide because my clients were short on time and wanted to get in as full a day as possible with the possibility of catching a larger fish than Grapevine has to offer.

Steve and Craig were in town for business meetings and had 7pm flights home. Don Novak and I picked them up at their hotel and we were off to the lake. Before I go too far into this report – THANKS DON!!

We got to the lake around sunrise and after they got their licenses we headed out at just about the perfect time. The area around Rattlesnake Island has normally produced some good fish so we started off the day there. The graph showed lots of fish from 14 to 22 feet but we only had one big White Bass come from that area. The next area we tried started was the sharp drop-off just off the main lake point to the right of the spillway as you are facing it. Steve and Craig immediately began catching fish but most were small White Bass. As we were looking for larger fish on the drop-off we saw 4-6 birds working fish right out in the middle of the lake straight out from Methodist Camp. Don and I moved the boat out over the fish and everyone was catching nice sized White Bass. The only problem was the fish were scattered and moving fast so it was difficult to stay on them. The next spot to try was the shelf between Crappie Island and the main bank – Nada. There were several other areas we tried that did not produce fish, so I see no point in talking about them.

We were headed up river when we noticed fish in the Boy Scout are just before you enter the river on the west bank. The entire area was full of schooling fish! We did see some larger splashes indicating larger fish but all we could come up with were 14 to 17 inch White Bass. LOL! The fish strayed up for almost 2 hours, a) because we were the only boat on them and b) we mostly drifted through them only using the trolling motor when absolutely necessary.

As our day came to a close (while my good buddy and deckhand extraordinaire, Don, cleaned fish) we trolled one more main lake point on the west side and finally got our Hybrid for the day – YEAH! Don and I kept some for the family, 49 near magnum White Bass with another 50-75 being caught and released. They were 2 Crappie, 4 Channel Catfish, 3 Drum and 1 Largemouth thrown in for variety.

The water temperature is in the mid 70’s and the clarity is slightly stained with the water in the river being very murky. The fish were caught on 4” Holiday Glo Sassy Shads on 1 ounce Burgess Baits heads and on (yeah that’s right) Rainbo Shad Slabs in chartreuse. The magic depth today was 18 to 22 feet deep and that was on the drop-offs. The birds have not yet shown up in large numbers yet but if you see even one or two working, check them out. It was an almost perfect day, light winds and cool temperatures and cooperative fish.

E-mail me if I can be of any use or help to you in anyway.

Omar Cotter

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