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Cedar Creek October 2002

Cedar Creek Lake - Athens Texas

The fishing has begun to come out of the summer doldrums for all species. The fishing has been best for most species north of the Enchanted Isle point.

Crappies are being caught under most boat docks with at least six feet of water under them and in some cases as little as four feet. The best tackle is small jigs in one-eighth ounce size on HI-VIZ yellow six pound Stren line using five foot light action spinning rods... The bite immediately after a front will be extremely light so watching your line is imperative to have a good day with these light biting fish. The best bite will, as with all species, be between fronts and after one or two days of good weather.

Black Bass are also being caught around boat docks on similar baits and other conventional bass lures. Expect their bite to be extremely aggressive though. The steep drop offs where the bass can ambush shad should be holding good concentrations of bass as well. The large females will soon be gorging themselves and can sometimes be caught under schooling White Bass by using Carolina Rigged flukes to mimic dead and dying shad.

Catfish are in some of the same areas with good numbers of fish being caught off of the humps around mid lake using fresh cut shad. The shad are currently very easy to catch and all it usually takes is one or two good throws with a cast net to get all the bait you’ll need. The best way to fish the shad is using a half to two ounce egg sinker (depending on wind strength) with a barrel swivel to the main line and an Eagle Claw Octopus hook. The leader should be eighteen to twenty-four inches in length. Anglers are able to catch these fish even during a front. Anglers are currently boating as many as ninety fish in a single day!

White Bass are beginning to come off their summer pattern of being extremely scattered and hard to catch except by trolling the long standing Hellbender/Pet Spoon combo. Fish can and have been very shallow. My clients and I have caught fish as shallow as four feet! These fish are on the north end of the lake on the tops of large humps and the edges of steep points where the depth changes from fifteen feet to deeper water abruptly. These aggressive fish are being caught on lead spoons in a variety of colors. The best pattern has been silver Mylar in a shad shaped spoon. The other best colors seem to be chartreuse or white. A barrel swivel and a leader are a good idea with this bait as well to keep the spoon form twisting your line. A heavier shock leader is a good idea because it is not uncommon for my clients to catch catfish that range in size from fifteen to forty-five pounds! The White Bass should begin schooling very soon so look for the Gulls to point the way to these fish.

Hybrid Stripers are beginning to show up in the same areas as the White Bass. These hard fighting fish are generally deeper on the humps or further out on points than their smaller cousins. The Hybrids can be caught on the same baits and the bite can be very light so a graphite rod of at least an IM7 rating is recommended. I use Bass Pro Shops “Tourney Special” rods and have no trouble feeling the bite. It is also important to keep your drag loose as these fish are known for their drag screaming runs when hooked... These fish should also begin to school chasing shad in the mouths and the back of coves. I will begin watching the birds and follow them if I see numbers of them flying in one direction. The Loons and Pelicans are also indicators you don’t want to ignore.

Omar Cotter

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