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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Grapevine, September 5, 2005

I got the rare treat of having my partner help out with the trip today. Don thanks for being such a great deckhand and photographer!

Tom and Pam were a lot of fun. They wanted to learn and asked a lot of great questions.

We tried Rock Ledge first thing and managed a couple smaller fish and a couple keepers as well. From there we went to the island and marked some fish but we only had a few takers.

We then moved to the Murrell Park area which is where Pam caught the Bass in the picture which was released to fight another day. We caught several fish there and then Don noticed Egrets working the north shore. I knew the area well enough to know it was shallow and the fish would be coming and going over the top of a hump and sure enough we caught a lot of nice fish there.

The action slowed and we moved to Meadowmere Park and found no activity. With time running out we went up to the rock crusher area and found several large schools of White Bass. At times we had triples and even a couple quadruple hookups! It was a lot of fun and the fish were good sized.

We only kept the 26 in the picture above and released probably twice that many back that we could have kept. Pam and Tom were very generous and gave me some of the fish to take home.

The water was clear and in the mid to upper 80's. The fish are fairly aggressive when they strike but you need to be paying attention all the time. They are also swimming up with the lure. The baits today were RSR chartreuse shad slabs, Burgess Baits 2-tone and Lead Babies in white - all 1 ounce. The best technique was to raise the rod tip about 2 to 3 feet and shake the bait on the rise then slowly lower the bait back to the bottom.

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to fishing with Tom and Pam again soon.

E-mail me if I can be of any use or help to you in anyway.

Omar Cotter

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