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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Grapevine, September 10, 20011

Don and I fished a group for a 14 year old birthday party and it was a  lot of fun. The fishing was a little slow to start but we located some  fish on a drop off at Murrell. It started getting a little crowded about  the time the fishing slowed so Don and I headed up the lake to the Rock  Crusher humps. It was pick 1 or 2 up here and 3 or 4 there for most of  the morning.

The White Bass appear to be moving very quickly  looking for for shad and filling their bellies. We had it pretty much  done when I took a drive to the Meadowmere area and found the White Bass  on top schooling. That died down and I took the guys on my boat to a  nearby drop off and suddenly it was "GAME ON"! The White Bass were thick  between 15 and 18 feet and actually hung around long enough to make it  fum. Several time we had 3 fish on simultaneously and lots of time we  had doubles on. The fish were caught on slabs bounced off the bottom or  c ast into the schooling fish.

The water temp has dropped from the  mid 80's to the upper 70's and the fishing should just get better as  long as the boat ramps hold out. Just don't hesitate to work even small  groups of fish you see on top because literally that is the tip of the  number of fish in the area.

Everyone seemed to be on good  behavior with no one running thru the fish and trollers were giving the  slab fishermen a good wide berth. I wish everyday everyone got along  that well. Get your kids out now because the fishing is great!

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Omar Cotter

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