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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Richland Chambers/Tawakoni Sunday August 22, 2004

Today was a good deal different! This group was looking for Stripers so I moved us on over to Lake Tawakoni. This was a repeat client and I wish this trip had been a repeat as well. I started off trolling the SRA area and looking for schooling fish with no luck and then moved over to the Wolf Cove hump. As we were in this area the birds started working and we looked pretty good with several White Bass and 3 Hybrids out of the school before they disappeared. I started my usual rounds, Terrill Pump Station, Dallas Pump Station, Finger Point, Greenville Pump Station, Cloud Point, Sun Point, and finally Tall Man’s Reach. I found small fish schooling just about everywhere with very few nice sized White Bass anywhere. I decided around 11:30 to head for Richland Chambers to see if I could get a repeat performance from Saturday. So my customer’s and I hooked it up and headed there.

When we got there it was raining with some lightning thrown in so we gave it a little while to clear out. I took us back to the 309 Flats and we did troll up another 3 nice Hybrids and slabbed up some more White Bass. It was a good day all told with 6 Hybrids and 24 White Bass. We got into the small fish on Richland Chamber just like Tawakoni. All I can figure after talking to the guides that fished Tawakoni on Saturday that the fish had been on a major feed on both lakes and were not as active on Sunday.

Lake Tawakonis’ conditions and lures were the same as Richland Chambers with the water being slightly more off color. The birds are back on both lakes and are helping anglers to find the fish. I was extremely impressed by all the anglers around us both days. They really knew all the ins and outs of fishing schooling fish. No one used their big motors to get ahead of anyone else and all of us moved pretty much in unison after the schools.

Good Luck to all!!!!!!!!

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Omar Cotter

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