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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Richland Chambers Saturday August 21, 2004

After debating with myself (translated – arguing) I decided to take my clients to Richland Chambers. This group of four men had told me that they wanted to go after White Bass because they were fairly easy to catch and were a lot of fun. I can’t agree more and we were all in for a surprise!

Started off the morning on the 309 flats looking for schooling action with no luck at all.
I idled us around looking and noticed a few boats on the edge of the flats and looked in to see what was happening. I kept us on the inside of the boats in around 24 feet of water and marked a lot of fish. I had to switch baits real quick from top waters to slabs and did so in record time if I do say so myself. We managed to slab up 2 Hybrids and a dozen or so White Bass before they disappeared on us. I then moved us to Windsock Point, The Lighthouse and Ferguson Point with nothing but small fish coming from these areas. On the way in for lunch we stopped and tried the Old 287 roadbed with similar results.

After lunch I decided to try trolling between Pelican Island and the 309 flats. I graphed a lot of fish and we caught several White Bass and 2 more Hybrids that these guys decided to throw back for another day. I stopped us over one group of fish and we slabbed up a few more Whites and several undersized Hybrids. When we got to the shallows of the flats we pulled in the Hellbenders/Sassy Shads and came right into the middle of schooling Whites/Hybrids in about 40 feet of water. I switched two rods back to top waters and left the other 2 with slabs. I must have made about 40 or 50 laps around that center console taking off fish and netting more Hybrids.

We left them biting and still schooling around 2:45, finished the day with 100 Whites and 12 Hybrids. I needed this trip, as it has been awhile since I have been so busy taking fish off! The water temp was in the upper 70’s and was very clear everywhere we fished. We used Rainbo Shad slabs in chartreuse and trolled Hellbenders trailing Holiday Sassy Shads in Glow color with the tails dipped in chartreuse.

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Omar Cotter

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