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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Tawakoni, August 13, 2005

Well today was a nice little half day make up trip with one of the “wrong” lake customers form Richland Chambers last month. Van was my original customer and he brought along his friends Tu and Kenny.

I started off looking for schooling fish in the area of White Deer Reach but there was nothing happening so I headed to the dam. Here we did find some smaller Stripers and had some fun but not enough action for a half day trip so I took us back up the lake. When we got back to White Deer Reach the birds were now working and we caught several nice Sandies and more than our share of undersized Hybrids.

What’s a guide to do? You can’t catch a Sandie for the Hybrids!!! LOL

Anyway the action slowed and I was off again. I took us on over to Finger Point in the wind and we fond LOTS of birds and fish working here! We stayed just in casting range and worked the school for a good 45 minutes until some knucklehead in a barge trolled right through the fish. After that I put out the Hell/Pets myself and trolled the area for awhile catching more Sandies and Hybrids. We kept 20 nice Sandies and they had a lot of fun.

The baits today were the RSR Chartreuse Shad Slab and the 2 ounce Lead Babies Slabs, along with the Hell/Pet. The water is it’s usual murky and in the low 80’s The birds are coming back more with every trip. I hope all of you can get out there and enjoy the fishing soon.

I am currently booked the rest of this month but have most of September open.

Bobby Burgess has lots of dates open and is very good on Grapevine, Cedar Creek and Tawakoni.

Don is almost always up for a half day on Lake Grapevine during the week as well.

So just give us a call and one of us will get you on the water!

E-mail me if I can be of any use or help to you in anyway.

Omar Cotter

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