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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Grapevine, August 11, 2008

Another fun day on Lake Grapevine!

It took out new customers Armando(dad), Maria(mom) and their boys Gaylen and Eli. they had never fished very much and were hoping to catch a few for dinner and Grapevine came through. The wind was fairly mild and the temps were too. Started out around 7 and went straight to the Murrell flats and caught fish pretty quick. I had to look for them a bit since they had moved out to water 28 to 30 feet deep. When we found them though it was game on!

Many times we had 3 and four fish on and it was a total blast. the boys were having so much fun. And then of course around 10:30 they slowed down a bit and we tried another spor catching a few more and even 2 Channel Cats and a Crappie.

At any rate the Irish Special Peewee and Long Minnow from Lead Babies did the trick along with the Jig Um Jigs Tag-A-Long. I really didn't try this too much since the fishing has been so good I don't want to limit out too fast. Water is still nice and clear, Black bass are going string too. Water is 84 to 86 degrees.

Now is the time to get out there!

Dad and Gaylen with Gaylen's double - these are big for Grapevine

Final Count and picture - 75 Sandies, 1 Crappie and 2 Cats

We also release a lot of undersized fish.

Hang your sign and let's go fishing!

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Omar Cotter

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