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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Tawakoni, July 31, 2005

This was a big day for me. It was one of several corporate trips I have runs so far this year. I was contacted by Susan Tabbee of the Texas School Board Association to take some of their group fishing on Lake Grapevine. She and I worked hard to pull this one off!! There were a total of 23 people fishing and we used 5 boats. There was myself, Bobby Burgess, John Bryan, Austin Cowan and Taylor Clark.

The fish were very cooperative. They started schooling in the cove where we launched even as we were loading customers in our boats! I very early figured that with 5 people in the boat that trolling was going to be the easiest way for us to fish. I put out the Hell/Pets and we started at Murrell Park which produced nothing but small fish. I moved us over to Meadowmere with pretty much the same results.

Finally I moved us to between the island and Sand Bass Point. We found a lot of schooling fish here and the Hell/Pets got sown to the larger fish consistently. When we finished we had 43 nice Sandies.

John finished with 35 good fish, Bobby with 30, Taylor with 38 and Austin with 12. The fish were also caught on slabs at Murrell and at the island.

The water temperature was in the mid 80‚s and clear. The fish were schooling to some degree just about everywhere you looked. The shad they are feeding on are tiny right now, another reason why the Pet Spoon is producing so well. Everyone had a great time and caught some fish, hopefully they will be back.

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Omar Cotter

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