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Lake Grapevine, June 26, 2005

This was a great day to take a father and 2 young boys out on Lake Grapevine. Keith (dad), Clint (14) and Jake (10) met me at the dock at Katie‚s Woods at 6:15am. The morning was beautiful with a light cool breeze.

I started off near the ramp on the point back toward the dam. We marked some fish but not as many as have been there in recent days. We didn‚t have a single taker here so we moved on across the lake to Rock Ledge and here we did mark a lot of fish in 30 ˆ 35 feet of water. The fish here were only slightly more cooperative and we put 6 or 7 in the box. When it was obvious not much was going to happen here I moved us one more time to some humps just off the north bank and east of Murrell Park. We managed to catch only one Blue Cat around 2 pounds.

The next spot was the outside edge of the Murrell Park flats. I tried right inside the edge at first in 20-21 feet of water and there were some Sandies willing to take our slabs here.It struck me to check out a little deeper and I am glad I did. We found a nice school of big White Bass in the 32-35 foot range suspended from 15 feet to the bottom. The fish took the bait best when it was burned up off the bottom anywhere from 7 to 10 cranks and the let fall back. The boys were taking turns saying "I got one!" for around 30 ˆ 45 minutes.

I finally lost track of the school and we tried several more spots before calling it a day around 11am, Total catch was 35 White Bass of which 25 or so were over 13‰ and the one Blue Cat.

These fish readily took the same Burgess slab as the day before on
Richland Chambers. The water temperature is also in the mid 80's and fairly clear. The thermocline is really setting up hard now so the Hell/Pet will soon be used to fill my fish box. I noticed one gentlemen doing quite well trolling and for some reason some other anglers felt the need to crowd him right out of where he was. I don‚t necessarily like to troll or have trollers around me but he was well away from us and doing his own thing. The other boaters had no reason to do what they did to him. Please be courteous and let someone like this man have his space. I AM preaching to the choir for most of you, but for some of you novice anglers please remember this ethic.

Omar Cotter
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Omar Cotter

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