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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Richland Chambers, June 25, 2005

By Wrong Way Leprechaun

This day started off a WHOLE lot differently than I thought it would! I had a major case of old age or some other form of mental forgetfulness. I had told my clients to meet me at Richland Chambers, and I went to Lake Tawakoni. So I am waiting and I am waiting and I get a call from my clients (the one and only time they had cell phone service) asking me where I am, The light bulb comes on like a World War II spotlight!

For all the law enforcement persons out there I pray you can forgive me for the traffic laws I bent on the way from Lake Tawakoni to Richland Chambers. LOL

So I get there about 2 to 3 hours late and I set a new record for putting the boat in the water and they set a new record for getting in the boat. Off we head and I went straight to Pelican Island, nothing. Moved to the edge of the 309 flats, still nothing. So then I head over to Ferguson Point and here I make a nice find of some really nice sized White Bass mixed in with LOTS and I mean LOTS of small Yellow Bass. The action slowed there so I headed up the lake to a spot that has been productive for me in the past at this time of year and sure enough we put a good 20 ˆ30 fish in the box here. The guys started getting hot and hungry so we went in for lunch at Fisherman's Point and cooled off for a little while. It was really nice to see Royce and I wish I could have visited with him more, but I had clients and he looked like he wanted to cool off more than anything.

After lunch I tried trolling with my newly acquired down riggers. I tried Wind Sock Point and the edge of the flats again with no takers. I went back to slabbing and tried several spot before winding up in the shade of the 287 bridge around 4pm. I got LUCKY no pun intended when I found a large school of White Bass chasing shad in the shade of the bridge. We caught a lot more Sandies here and the clients were releasing anything under 12 inches. I fished them until almost 6pm and we had a total of 64 Whites and 2 nice sized Channel Cats.

The water has its usual summer clarity and the temperature is in the mid 80‚s. The majority of the fish caught today were on a Burgess slab in the 1ounce size, white/chartreuse. A few fish came on the Lead Babies Ghost Minnow Slab in the 1-1/2 ounce model. All in all I think they were happy> I stayed with it and God blessed me with a great catch and some new clients.

Omar Cotter
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Omar Cotter

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