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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Richland Chambers - June 7, 2003

This afternoon started off well enough when my good friends from guidefinder meet me at the boat ramp inorder to get the boat in the water for the afternoon trip (Since I had been on a morning trip to Tawakoni: See Report) For those of you who don’t know who guidefinder is, they are an internet company that assists fisherman in search for information on lakes located in north texas (visit sites thorugh My customers this afternoon, Emery, Kent and Betty. After they revealed to me their lack of skill, luck and accident proneness, I was glad I had paid my insurance premimums – didn’t need it however, after all.

The first place to try was windsock point, we used the depth finder to check various depths of this usually very productive area and came up with nothing to hold our interest. From their we moved to the Lighthouse, and were only able to manage a few small yellow bass from this area. Frm there we went to Ferguson Point and were agin only able to boat a few small yellow bass. At that point since the trio wanted to elarn the lake, I decided to show them the cattle humps. After the eight mile run up the lake we located the humps and began exploring the tops of the humps for sand bass. We were catching several small yellow bass when we finally ran into a good school of sandies. We caught at least a dozen large sand bass from 12 – 15 inches in length off the top of these humps. After things slowed down, it was determined I should show them more of the lake, we we headed the 8 miles back up the lake to Pelican Island. We pulled up on PI on the southwest corner of the drop off near the old airport turnaround. We hadn’t marked very much on the depth finder, but did see several large returns, so I decided to go ahead and fish this area. This is where I unfortunately hooked and lost one of the largest strippers I have ever seen. Kent witnessed the fish when it broke the surface after stripping off 100 yards of line in less than 2 seconds – it was off to the races! Faught the fish for several minutes, but unfortunately the hook broke free – As a good friend of mine said, “He’s still out there for some one to catch!” With nothing else being boated, we moved over to the 287 road bed, again fishing was difficult, with only a few small yellow bass for the effort. I decided to try Hickey Island, and as we cleared the 287 bridge several large schools of sand bass began breaking the water and chasing the shad in front of us. It was here we boated 40 – 50 sandies, but all were under size. It became apparent later, as I loaded my boat, that these fish are feeding on possibly a second hatch of threadfin shad when I found in the bottom of the boat a small shad approx. 1/2 “ in length. It may be necessary to downsize the baits we use for a period of time, until these shad get a little bigger.

As on Tawakoni, these fish are moving extremely fast, and are feeding ravenously. After I had cleaned the Trio’s fish and loaded the boat, I spoke to several fisherman that had done very well earlier in the day on small _ oz chrome spoons. Until the bait fish become more concentrated in the area of the 309 flats and deep water to the south of that area, the sandies are going to be difficult to limit out.

Water clariety is clear, lake level is at normal pool, and temp is between 76 and 78 degrees. Remember to get a limit of fish you will need to keep moving!

E-mail me if I can be of any use or help to you in anyway.

Omar Cotter

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