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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Tawakoni, May 28, 2005

I had an extremely pleasant trip this day; I fished with two brothers, their wives and one son of one couple. Yes that does make six altogether in the boat at once and yes it was a little crowded. The brothers were Gene and William. Gene’s wife is Brenda, Williams wife is Reba and Brandon, Gene and Brenda son. William wanted to try for some Stripers so I first went to Sun Point and found nothing. I then moved a little closer to the dam and still found nothing. By now it was going on 7am and I decided to start the rounds.

We tried Cloud Point, The golf course area and the Greenville Pump Station with no fish in the box; I then moved us to the Rabbit Cove hump and still found nothing. I was beginning to think I needed to use dynamite when I moved us to Finger Point. Here we found the mother lode! When we first got there at around 9:30, there were only one or two other boats. We immediately began catching fish and since this was only a half day I was glad I had rigged a couple of double leaders. We caught doubles, triples and at a couple of times, there was actually 8 fish coming in the boat all at the same time!

Long story short, we were headed to the marina at 11:15 with 125 White Bass, 1 huge Crappie and 1 good sized Yellow Bass. During all this, there were lots of smaller fish to be thrown back. This included about a dozen undersized Hybrids. Again, I can’t emphasize enough to be very careful not to keep the undersized Hybrids. The Lake Tawakoni Sportsmen Society and the Texas Parks and Wildlife have made the effort to put these fish in here, so please do your part not to keep them.

The water temp is in the lower 70’s and is actually pretty clear for this lake. The fish were caught primarily between 18 to 21 feet deep with a few coming a little shallower and a few a little deeper. The fish caught were split about 50/50 between Burgess Baits and RSR Chartreuse Minnow Slabs.

These fish are still readily taking slabs so trolling really isn’t necessary except for Stripers. I was impressed by the manners of all the anglers on Finger Point. Not once was I crowded or pushed in any way. Thank all of you so very much for the respect you showed my clients and me.

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Omar Cotter

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