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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Grapevine May 1, 2005

Today was a fun day. I had the best clients in the world. There was a young man Daniel and his two sisters, Hannah and Charity. The funny thing is the have the same last name as I do. oh wait they are my kids. LOL

I also managed to get the best deck hand and assistant around - Don Novak. After a great Sunday morning together in church and a lunch at Whataburger we met Don at his house in Grapevine and headed to the lake. Today was much different than Saturday. I had to cancel both trips on Tawakoni due to the high northwest winds.

We got on the water around 2:30 and immediately found fish at Rock Ledge Park. The fish there were small so we decided to keep looking and found some decent fish on another hump around midlake.

The fishing there slowed down so we moved on over to Murrel Park and found some good fish there as well. When that slowed some we move to another hump and caught a few more and by now we had several boats to follow us as well. The fish are moving a lot. When the action slowed once again we moved over to Meadowmere an there we found nothing at all. The last stop of the day was around the east end of the island and once again we found a few fish. About that time 5:30-6pm the birds showed us some fish in the mid lake area and we put some more in the box.

Each of the kids got to take their turn at the wheel and they really enjoyed it. So, if you saw my boat weaving erratically , I wasn't BWI, one of them was driving LOL

The water temp was in the upper 60's and the fishing was good although we only kept 24 we probably released another 100 fish or so. We used the BPS tungsten spoon and Burgess slabs. We did catch larger fish on the larger Burgess slabs. Hannah was attacked by one Sandie that bit her ear! i tried to stop it but she blamed me becuase I was holding it! Silly girll! Charity caught the biggest at around 14". I have had a lot of trips this Spring where my customers have caught more and bigger fish, but i haven't enjoyed myself nearly as much.

I hope and pray that all of you have a friend like Don and his family. They have taken me and the kids in. Carol, Don's wife fixed an absolutely incredible dinner to include home made brownies and ice cream for dessert. I feel truly blessed.

E-mail me if I can be of any use or help to you in anyway.

Omar Cotter

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