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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Cedar Creek, May 14, 2005

Well hello from beautiful Cedar Creek. This day I fished with ten men from my church and we had a great time! I started the morning with 3 young men from the youth department, the youth leader and our soundman. We first went to the Key Ranch area, there wasn’t any schooling activity, but there were some magnum Sand Bass in the area. We used rattletraps in chrome with a blue back and humdingers in silver metal flake to put 12 nice fish in the box. The action slowed so I tied on some Burgess slabs and went straight to a hump that had been producing good numbers of fish. This first group caught another 10 or so good fish and caught and released another 30 to 40 fish.

The second group of men went back out with me around 9:30 and at that time I decided to try some other locations. These other areas produced some fish including a nice 14” Crappie. When nothing seemed to be working I went back to the spot I had been at that morning. The Sand Bass cooperated some but not as well as I would have liked The afternoon group put 21 more nice fish in the box before calling it quits around 1pm.

The fish are still holding deep, especially the larger ones. On the humps when they are not schooling they are from 28 to 32 feet deep and are actually hitting the slabs hard.
The water is fairly clear and in the upper 60’s to low 70’s. The Hellbender/Pet spoon
Trolling time will soon be here. I spoke to several other anglers that had been going after catfish and they said they had done quite well. Summer time is here so be very careful during the hours of heaviest boat traffic. You will need to watch out for large wakes and the jet skiers who are NOT paying attention. I hope everyone has a great summer and enjoys there time on the water.
Good Luck from the Leprechaun!!

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Omar Cotter

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