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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Tawakoni, May 5, 2007

I always enjoy fishing with Joe Maikell, his brother Ronnie and their friend Dickie. This time they brought another gentleman whose name is Steve.

We left the dock at around 7 am and I played a hunch about some shallow water that has produced lots of fish for my clients and I in years past. I had tied on Holiday Sassy Shads in several colors to try to figure out the best color to use. It was immediately apparent that the Chartreuse Metal Flake was the preferred bait when the first cast Ronnie made produced a nice 5 pound Hybrid Striper!

After that the next 2 hours were a blur with numerous Hybrids coming in the boat as well as magnum White Bass in a continuous stream. Fish were hitting bait all over! We even managed a few fish on top water baits, what fun!

When that slowed I tried several areas for more fish and found some more working a point. We caught a lot more White Bass there as well as two more Hybrid Stripers. Here the trick was to lower our Lead Babies Slabs all the way to the bottom and then slowly work them to the top.

The fishing is so good right now! The water again has cleared even more and the fish are very active. The water temperature is still in the lower 60’s and is still around 6 feet low so be very careful if you are not familiar with the lake.

The catch for the day was 13 Hybrids kept with several more caught and released, 81 White Bass with over a hundred released and 5 Channel Catfish which were not released!

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Omar Cotter

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