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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
May 5, 2012

I love taking grandpa’s and grandkids fishing together, and this afternoon was no exception.  After several false starts sue to weather conditions I was finally able to take Sam his granddaughter and grandson fishing.  Sam and I had talked and I knew it was important to him to put the kids on some great fishing and the fish more than cooperated.
I took us back to humps near the Dallas Pump Station and after a little searching we found the White Bass again.  I had started the trip at 3pm and by 4 we had 65 White Bass in the fish box!  The school of fish moved and I did a little more searching and Sam caught one good Channel Cat in the meantime. Finally I moved on back to the Wolf Cove hump and we caught out last 10 big White Bass there.  Even though Sam was ready to go in at 6 I decided to stay out and look for some bigger fish.  I took us over to Tallman Reach and found not much at all.  I then moved to a ridge in front of the dam and again it was game on, only this time it was Hybrid Stripers and lots of them.  Sam and His grandkids put 6 Hybrids and 3 more catfish in the fish box in 30 minute or so!  
It was cleaning time then and we headed in.  Water is in good condition and the fish are biting well so call us to put you and your family on fish!
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Omar Cotter

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