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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Tawakoni April 2, 2005

What a day – AGAIN!!!

The fishing is just incredible! I fished with new clients today and I am sure that they’ll be coming back. My clients were father and son, Jack and Michael Johnson and their friend Rob. We started the day chasing a great school of fish. I found the school in the deep water near the dam around 7am and their first casts all three of them hooked up, I netted the fish put them in the box. Three more casts, three more fish, three more in the box. AND THEN, Three more casts, three more fish, three more in the box. In 15 minutes we have 9 keepers to 9 pounds in the boat. After that it slowed down to one fish on at a time.

In 45 minutes of fishing we had 13 Striper/Hybrids in the box.

After this great fun we decided to go for some Sandies. We found a few in front of The SRA but nothing spectacular. We then moved to Sun Point, nothing much there, and the same results at Cloud Point. Then at Finger Point we caught the majority of our Sandies and they were some nice fish. I moved us to the Dallas Pump Station where we caught a few more good fish and then we came around the corner to the Terrell Pump Station and the birds were going crazy! We caught our remaining 2 Stripers and 2 more besides as well as some more nice Sandies and missed a few other big fish as well.

What a Day!

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Omar Cotter

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