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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Cedar Creek, April 26, 2008

Today was a lot of hard work and fun. It was hard work because the fish were a little difficult to find and fun because I took out some repeat customers. The Beebee family and some of there neighbors hired Don and I to take out their teenage boys. It turned out I had 5 in my boat and Don had 4 in his.

We started off at Key Ranch and it didn’t take long for us to see nothing was going to happen here so Don and I split up, I went to the point across from Merrimac and Don went to Merrimac. We caught several White Bass there and Don’s party caught several White Bass and 1 legal Hybrid. I next tried the Rock Boat House and then the Spillway Hump with very little results. After Don joined me in looking on the Spillway Hump and we both found nothing we split up again. Don went south towards the dam and I went south and up into the Clear Creek area. I found a small group of boats and killed my big motor out a long ways from the boats and immediately started catching fish. I got Don on my cell phone and he brought his party over as well. We caught fish for a long time there and had a blast. When the fishing slowed there I took us to Pitt’s Point where we again got into the fish solid for over an hour. When we stung up our catch for some pictures we had 76 White Bass, 3 big Yellow Bass and I nice Blue Cat. Don’s boat had the one Hybrid and 47 White Bass. Needless to say the group was able to have their fish fry!

All of our fish were caught on slabs and most of them were on Lead Babies in different colors in the PeeWee size. The water is in the low to mid 60’s and fairly stained over most of the lake. The area where we caught our fish definitely had the clearest water anywhere we went. The fish are still spawning as well and we caught a lot of undersized Hybrids so be sure you can tell the difference between them and a White Bass so you can release the undersized Hybrids.

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Omar Cotter

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