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F I S H I N G R E P O R T S:
Tawakoni, April 22, 2006

This was a birthday trip for Mike Watts. His obviously fantastic wife Donna set this trip up over a month ago and brought in his brothers from out of town as well as set up goodie bags and had trophies made for biggest fish and most fish caught.

It was Luck O' The Irish's first double boat trip since Don bought his 04 Fishmaster and from the results it won't be our last. Right now though Don is still waiting on his Lowrance depth finders to come in so I bird-dogged the fish for the both of us.

Don took 3 of the brothers in his boat and I took the birthday boy, one of his sons and his son-in-law. Our first stop was the rocks at the dam and very little happened there, one or 2 Sandies and one 19" Hybrid. After awhile there we went over to the Tallman area and found some fish and birds working and then even more birds off of Sun Point. By now everyone had caught some great fish and all were having a lot of fun with the good-natured ribbing that just come naturally to these events.

After the action slowed considerably we headed over to the Wolf Cove hump and found a mother-lode. We caught some big Sandies as well as a lot of undersized Hybrids. At times we had 4 fish on at a time and we caught another Hybrid at 21". All good things come to and end and so did the bite at Wolf Cove. From there we made the long run to Rabbit Cove and found some more good sized Sandies and finished the day leaving them biting.

So in we go to clean fish and hand out the trophies, and in the meantime a man walks up and begins a conversation with Don about how well we did and how much he would like to get his son in on some obviously great fishing.

So.... Don books him, one of his friends and their 2 sons for the evening. and out we go again! Headed back to Wolf Cove nothing and then to Finger Point and found some very cooperative Sandies and more undersized Hybrids. Things got slow there so on a hunch Don and I decide to head back to the Tallman area and we find another great school of Magnum Sandies and even 5 Hybrids between 19 and 22". Looks like Ronald and Jacob in Don's boat and Imad and James in my boat had a great evening trip on Tawakoni!

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Omar Cotter

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