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April 28, 2012

Well a last minute cancellation and a motor not working equals me  fishing with new clients from the Texas Fishing Forum. It started when  Klay posted that he was taking his dad and granddad to Lake  Tawakoni  and needed a place to stay. I was just helping out when I suggested  Shoestring Farms Bed and Breakfast and supplied a link on his thread.
 Well Klay, his dad Jeff and granddad Bob went out to Tawakoni on Friday  night and decided to put their boat in since they hadn’t run it in about  7 months. As things can go sometimes the motor would start but only run  for 15 or 20 seconds before stalling out. That same evening my clients  for this morning had vehicle problems and called to cancel.
 Klay remembered me and also my business cards and brochure were at  Shoestring and Klay thought to give me a call just in case. And the rest  is history.
 I met the guys at around 7:30am and we headed out to find a place to fish out of the wind – HA!
 I found some fish out in front of Wolf Cove in about 22 feet of water  and I knew there were there but none of the guys were getting bit. I  picked up a rod and “felt” a super light bite and set the hook on a nice  fat Sandie. After I explained what the bite felt like, Klay, Bob and  Jeff started putting fish in the box. After things slowed I moved around  a lot!
 Finally I moved us to the ridge right in front of Holiday and it was on  big time! Klay, Bob and Jeff caught fish from 22 feet all the way out to  30 feet and finished out a 75 fish limit in less than an hour! They  also boated one keeper Hybrid around 20 inches and 2 good eating sized  Channel Catfish.
 Water temperature is in the upper 60’s and fairly clear for Tawakoni.  The fish once I found them hit just about anything we dropped on their  heads. The bite was very light and usually came within 6 inches of the  bottom. Sometimes the bite was just a stopping of the fall of the bait  and you really had to be ready when it came. The TFO rods the guys were  using really made the difference in feeling the light bite and getting a  good hard hook set on the fish.
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