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Tawakoni March 19, 2005

Saturday, March 19th

The only way to describe this day is AWESOME!!! My clients and I actually got tired of catching fish and having to let them go!

This trip was actually a make-up trip from last July. The first time I took out Gary, Theresa, Brandon and Blaine we didn’t do very well.

Despite my best efforts we caught no Stripers and only 30 or 40 Sand Bass and they still had faith in me. So as I advertise it, I told them that when the fishing was good I would invite them back out for half price. I had no idea the fishing would be this GREAT!

We came out of Holiday and were headed to Tallman when the birds began working in the deep open water. I positioned us upwind of the birds to drift through them and the fish actually came toward us as well. Theresa almost immediately hooked and landed the biggest fish of the day, a Ten Pound Striper. The next hour and a half was pure fun! Several times we had doubles on and once we even had a triple hook-up. We caught Stripers and Hybrids mixed and by the time they let up we had 17 keepers between 5 and 10 pounds by 8:45 am.

After that we worked Sun Point and Tallman putting 1 more solid Hybrid in the box and 20 to 30 nice Sand Bass with a few big females mixed in. I think we are seeing the same thing as on Richland Chambers – the majority of large Sand Bass are in the creeks and Sabine River spawning. Around 11 am the birds and fish began working again and in 5 minutes we had our last 2 Stripers in the box and had caught and released another 5 between 5 and 7 pounds.

At about that time Theresa spoke up and said “I CAN”T TAKE THROWING THESE FISH BACK!!!!! So we left the Stripers biting and went after more Sand Bass.

We ended the day with 20 Stripers and 67 Sand Bass and no more room in the fish box! It just doesn’t get any better than putting such a great family as the Hurtados on a day like this one.

Baits: For the Stripers and Hybrids we drifted Zoom Super Salty Flukes in White Ice with chartreuse Glow dip on the tails on 1/2 Ounce Bass Pro Laser Eye XPS jig heads. We even caught some vertically jigging the baits. The Sand Bass weren’t picky at all. We caught them on the Bass Pro Shops Tungsten Spoons, and on my new sponsors slabs – Lead Babies Slabs also carried at Bass Pro Shops. These are some great slabs and I’ll soon have information about them on my web site.

Tackle: Reels were Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx reels with 20lb Stren easy cast line on 7 foot medium/heavy Shakespeare Ugly Sticks for the Stripers. For the Sand Bass we used Bass Pro Shops XPS graphite rods with Quantum Spinning reels loaded with 12lb Stren Clear Blue Easy line.

E-mail me if I can be of any use or help to you in anyway.

Omar Cotter
Water Conditions: The water has actually warmed up a couple degrees and is holding around 54 to 55 degrees at the surface. The clarity seemed to vary from murky to fairly clear.Good Luck!!

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