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Omar Cotter

I have been fishing all my life in Texas, both fresh and salt water. I was born in the Texas Panhandle region in 1960. Anyone who has ever been through the Panhandle is probably wondering where in that dry and arid land did I find enough water to fish. I can thank my lucky stars that at about that same time Lake Meredith was under construction. As I got bigger and my future home away from home filled (Lake Meredith) and my father never discouraged me, he did just the opposite by buying me my first float tube. I spent many happy evenings at the lake with him. I of course got older and as time passed was allowed to spend the night at the lake in the “Crappie House” at the marina. It was on this same Lake in North Canyon that I had my “fifteen minutes of fame”. My father, mother and I were fishing together when all my 10 years of experience (luck) came to its’ logical conclusion - A State Record Walleye! I have caught many fish bigger and many fish that fought much harder but will never forget that afternoon and the pride I felt coming from my father and mother.

As soon as I got my driver’s license I spent even more time on the weekends either fishing or hunting. In 1985 I moved to the Dallas, Fort Worth area and was introduced to an entirely new way of fishing. I have spent the last twenty years learning the lakes of North Texas, first as a bank fisherman and more recently as a boating angler. I have been fishing from a boat for the last 9 years and have become familiar with how to fish humps, drop offs and just about any type of structure you can name. With experience fishing for Largemouth Bass, my favorite species are Stripers, Hybrid Stripers and White Bass as well as Catfish. I have literally caught and released hundreds of fish in a single day on Lakes Tawakoni, Cedar Creek, Grapevine and Richland Chambers.

I regularly give seminars at Bass Pro Shops in Grapevine and other events in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Whenever I get the opportunity to share my know-how with people I can’t help but feel satisfied that I have helped someone improve their angling skill. I could of course go on and on with fishing stories but we can leave that for another time.

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