Fish Story #1

"It was a typical early spring day in April. As usual I got to the lake far earlier than any sane person would. Sharing my insanity was two young men, one of whom had never caught anything much larger than a sunfish.

I launched my boat and picked them up from the dock. I made a beeline for the rip rap at the dam. As the sun came up it was obvious this was going to be a great day. The sun was hidden behind a low cloud cover with just enough wind to cause a light chop. I slowed the boat about a quarter mile off the rocks and scanned them with my binoculars for any sign of feeding stripers. I didn't have to look for too long. The fish were there! Just inside a bend in the rocks...I saw shad practically bounding off the rocks. I moved into about 75 yards then used my trolling motor to get in close.

The three spinning rods were spooled with 12-14 lb. Stren line and each had a Holiday 3" glow shad tied on. Each of the young men both hooked into solid 4 - 6 lb hybrid stripers on their first cast!

The whole thing started at about 6:30am and for the next seven hours my boat was in a state of mass hysteria. Many times two and three fish would be being fought simultaneously! One of the young men had to be back in Ft. Worth by 3:30pm or we would not have quit at 1:30pm...with a total count of 48 stripers mixed with hybrids having been caught and 33 being released to fight another day.

Some days it is definitely good to be insane!!! "

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