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Cedar Creek Lake
Location: 15 miles west of Athens in the area between US 175 and Texas 274
Size: 34,300 acres
Maximum Depth: 53 feet
Date Impounded: 1965
Normal Water Clarity:
Moderately clear at lower end to muddy in the upper end
Water Level Fluctuation: 4 feet
Conservation Pool Elevation: 322 ft. msl
Aquatic Vegetation:
Native emergent, submergent and floating, light in coves and creek arms in lower end of the lake
Predominant Fish Species: Largemouth bass, channel, blue and flathead catfishes, white bass, hybrid striped bass, white and black crappie
Local Information:
Cedar Creek Progress
PO Box 280
Kerns, Texas 75144
(903) 396-2261
Nearby State Parks: Purtis Creek, Fairfield Lake

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