Fall Feeding Frenzies

Sand bass are providing fast and furious action early in the morning between weather fronts. Try to plan your trips at least on full day after a front has gone through. Some days, this time of year, the wind may seem too high; but that can be to your advantage. The baitfish (shad) will stack up on the downwind side of the lake, so start your search there and watch for seagulls either flying or sitting on the water. The birds aren't in the area for their health! When they begin to fly, watch them. Their eyes are better than your, and they will lead you to the fish.

The moon can play a big part in when the fish feed this time of year. It has been my experience that during the full moon, fish are much more active later in the day. I will actually book my trips in the afternoon during that time.

My clients and I have been limiting out early some trips. Our slab of choice has been TOK Specials in 3/4-ounce size. You'll want to use the heaviest slab your tackle can handle to get down to the bigger fish. For some reason every lake I fished this year has had lots of small sandies.

I also believe in watching your line closely, as the fish will hit your bait and run with it if you aren't paying close attention. On this lake, it is almost mandatory to use medium/heavy tackle because you never know when a big hybrid striper or a big blue cat will strike below the sand bass. Some good places to start your search are the main lake points like Pelican Island or the 309 Flats and the deeper water just off of there.

– Omar Cotter

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