Birds point to sandies on Grapevine

Seagulls by the hundreds are on Grapevine and pointing the way to great fall sand bass fishing! Evenings on this Metroplex lake have just been fantastic. At around 2 to 3 in the afternoon, the fish get busy feeding on anything they can wrap their lips around. One of the best things about this time of year is the diminished numbers of skiers and personal watercraft. Luckily for us fishermen, the fishing gets really good about the time they park their boats up.

The wind of late has pushed the majority of bait over onto the north-western shoreline from Murrell park and back up toward the dam. Look for birds in this area. If you get in the birds, but don't necessarily see any surface action, that doesn't mean the fish aren't there. With high wind, fish are harder to see and sometimes the schooling action is below the water's surface. The bubble generator at teh dam has been doing very well at producing good catches.

You will want to use larger baits to try and keep some of the smaller sandies off your hook. This lake is full of small aggressive fish. My clients and I have been catching between 50 to 80 fish in a two-hour span, with 20 to 50 of these fish being keepers. The slab we are using is made by my partner and is called a TOK Special.

Whatever slab you use, it is critical that you keep it constant contact with the bait. If you hve a slack in your line at any time, you risk missing a fish. I have had more than one fish hit the slab on the fall and run with it.

When you do get over the fish, cut your main motor and use your trolling motor to maintain your position. your graph should almost black out from fish and shad.

Please be careful and courteous when the fish are schooling; I almost lost my little girl overboard when another angler passed me too close and too fast. There are plenty of fish to go around and tactics like that only spook the fish.

– Omar Cotter and Tom O'Kelley

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