Cedar Creek Still Good for Sandies and Great for Blue Cats
Written by Omar Cotter, Luck O' The Irish Guide Service

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The recent Texas Trophy Hunter Show produced several winners of trips with local guides and outfitters. I furnished one of my trips for texashuntfish.com for this purpose. I was fortunate enough that the winner of the trip was also an Irishman named James Hannon, so I was able to sling the Blarney deep and wide.
We contacted each other not long after the show and settled on a date of October 24th. I new that by that time the Sandies would once again be in their Fall Feeding frenzy and would take just about anything shiny put in front of them. James had made arrangements to take his son, a friend and one of his nephews. His son Jason had to fly in from out of state and we were unable to make an early start. This worked well for me because I was able to sleep in and take my time getting to the lake.

When James and his party came to the dock the boat was ready and they were all very excited to be heading out for an afternoon of fishing. We went to one spot that had been producing fish as recently as that morning, unfortunately no one told the Sandies to stay put until we got there. The area produced 3 or 4 small fish and nothing else. We moved to another spot that had been a real producer for me in recent weeks and again came up with just a few small fish. We then moved across the lake to a submerged island and finally got some really good fish in the boat.

By this time it was beginning to get dark and I knew that the catfish would be starting their evening feed. I just had to try one or two more spots on the way back up the lake and we caught several more good White Bass (Sandies).

We got to the place I had baited out earlier and tried for a time using cut shad to little effect. We had one or two strip a little line and then drop the bait. It wasn't long until we decided to call it quits and clean our fish. As a general rule I let my customers fish with cut shad while I clean their catch. This is good sometimes and other times it is a bust. This time it was GREAT! James and his guests managed to catch the following: two six pound blues, one twelve pound blue and a few smaller cats and then the big ones started! The first big fish and the only one netted, was caught by Gobi, one of James' guests. The excitement continued however for quite a while with big fish running with the bait and even a few were on the hook briefly.
Total for the day was 31 Sandies and several big bags of catfish filets.

James is already making plans for his next trip and I look forward to each and every one. Thank you Allen for letting me be a part of the great year that Texashuntfish.com has had and I look forward to many more years to come.

Omar Cotter
Luck O' The Irish Fishing Guide Service

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We are already planning our next trip!

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